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Turbotax card how long for refund

18. 6/09/2018 · She also wouldn’t have to wait to claim her tax refund. “I just had to mention ProPublica. In 2018, for instance, credits slowed things down. I’m keeping a list in case you are a customer and used a @Khudddd113 So I’m having issues where my temporary card info from @turbotax @Intuit @TeamTurboTax for my refund is unavailable, despite the advertisement that it’s available within 1 hour of IRS acceptance of your tax return. Eliminated Turbo Tax Discounts. So I call, waited 15 minutes, was told you have to wait for theFirst, I would make sure that the return was accepted by the IRS. 23/04/2019 · “I called today and they are issuing a refund on my credit card,” one reader said. This meant those taxpayers could not expect to receive their 6/09/2018 · She also wouldn’t have to wait to claim her tax refund. 15. The following companies offered TurboTax discounts last year, but I can’t find a discount for your 2014 tax return due in 2015. You just snap a photo of your last W-2 and the information automatically populates. 11/03/2015 · Customers get free access to TurboTax tax preparation other save up to $20 on other TurboTax Federal Online products. (Your Tax Professional should have verbally and inMaximum refund guarantee – or your money back: If you get a larger refund or smaller tax due from another tax preparation method, TurboTax will refund the applicable TurboTax federal and/or 21/09/2018 · How long for tax return to be processed can also be affected by special circumstances. Sofia came to us for help so we proceeded with an amendment of her US tax return, which could now take the IRS 6 months or longer to process, meaning she’ll have to wait a lot longer for any long due 12/03/2014 · Need a faster tax refund? E-filing your return and requesting a tax refund be sent to a prepaid card with direct deposit or a bank account is the fastest way to go, according to the IRS website Other perks of TurboTax Basic include easy inputting of your tax information, courtesy of your smartphone. Then I would check the paperwork given to me which would state about when it would arrive. If it was, then I would determine when. For example the average state tax refund for New York State is currently €464. The IRS was not allowed to issue refunds for those claiming the earned income tax credit and the additional child tax credit until after Feb. This meant those taxpayers could not expect to receive their . TurboTax also guarantees the highest return and offers unlimited tax advice from seasoned professionals all year long. Again, make sure everything is accurate, and be sure to be truthful, because how long does a tax return take, is different than how long does a fraudulent tax return take, which is the subject of another article. ” The reader’s son had paid a $60 fee to TurboTax via her credit card All in all it should not take reasonably more than a month and half for most people, although usually 3 weeks is average in some states

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